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Cancellation of events due to the spread of the corona virus

The Kultur Büro Elisabeth takes the current risk situation caused by the corona virus (SRS-CoV-2) very seriously and supports all measures to contain further infections. For this reason, all events are cancelled until the end of July, we are working together with the organizers to find a possible postponement. Whether and in what form events in our premises will be possible again from August onwards will be announced as soon as possible.

Please check the Kulturkalender shortly before visiting an event here to see if it actually is going to happen.

The team of Kultur Büro Elisabeth works largely from the home office and can be reached via the usual telephone numbers and email addresses.

Meeting with distance in the hall of the Villa Elisabeth   (Foto: Quirin Obermaier)

We wish you all the best,
stay healthy,
your team of the Kultur Büro Elisabeth