Kulturbüro Elisabeth Berlin
Kultur Raum geben
  • Speakers Swinging – Konzertperformance von Gordon Monaham
    Speakers Swinging – Konzertperformance von Gordon Monaham, Villa Elisabeth © Rita Richter
  • Festival im REDDRESS, St. Elisabeth
    Festival im REDDRESS, St. Elisabeth © Kultur Büro Elisabeth
  • Weihnachtskonzert der Schwarzkopf-Stiftung
    Weihnachtskonzert der Schwarzkopf-Stiftung, Sophienkirche © Kultur Büro Elisabeth
  • Inside Partita Klangraum für Violine, Tanz und Elektronik, St. Elisabeth
    Inside Partita Klangraum für Violine, Tanz und Elektronik, St. Elisabeth
  • Mikromusik-Festival: Konzertinstallation von Oswaldo Budon, St. Elisabeth
    Mikromusik-Festival: Konzertinstallation von Oswaldo Budon, St. Elisabeth © Rita Richter
  • Ornament Konzert und Performance © Kultur Büro Elisabeth
    Ornament Konzert und Performance, Villa Elisabeth © Kultur Büro Elisabeth

Kultur Büro Elisabeth

The church as an open, diverse and multipurpose public space; the integration and coexistence of faith and culture, of the sacred and the profane; church spaces, whose unique historical architecture come alive for the public as it is activated by cultural projects: these thoughts and ideas are the inspiration for our work. Ever a balancing act between the opening of the church and the preservation of her character, the work of the Kultur Büro Elisabeth hopes to find a balance of its high standards for content and its need to sustain its economic and institutional livelihood.

From the Kulturbüro SOPHIEN to the Kultur Büro Elisabeth – A Short History

2003 Founding of the Kulturbüro SOPHIEN

Assumption of responsibility for the church’s buildings, which were no longer being actively used or maintained by the Parish and were in need of repair. Goal: To preserve the buildings and create a pro le for the spaces based on appropriate cultural programming.

2004 Establishment as a Corporation (GmbH)

In order to establish the conditions for stable legal and financial standing, the Parish, while remaining the full owners of the buildings in their entirety, is, through the establishment of the Kulturbüro SOPHIEN, relieved of responsibility for the operating and maintenance costs incurred by the buildings’ public use.

2007 Finalization of the First Rental Contract

Regarding the (near-) exclusive use of the St. Elisabeth Church, the Villa Elisabeth and the St. Johannes-Evangelist Church through the Kulturbüro SOPHIEN, a rental contract has been established between the Parish and the Corporation in effect until 2017 (with the possibility for extension until 2027). An addendum allows for the Kulturbüro’s programming to extend to rentals of the Golgatha, Sophien and Zion churches.

2013: 10-Year Anniversary of the Kulturbüro SOPHIEN

With an extensive cultural events program, as well as an artistic and festive church service, the Kulturbüro SOPHIEN celebrated its tenth birthday in the company of friends, colleagues and supporters, in the best of summer weather. A short film documents this celebration.

Change of Name

In September 2014, following an 8-month renovation of the Villa Elisabeth, the Kultur Büro reemerged for the new season with a new image and a new name: Kultur Büro Elisabeth.

Non-Profit Status

As of January 2015, the Kultur Büro Elisabeth is of financially recognized as a non-profit organization (gGmbH).