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50 Jahre Schuke-Orgel: Orgelkonzert Kensuke Ohira

Sunday, 6. September 2020

6 pm

Foto: Ev. Kirchengemeinde am Weinberg
The Schuke organ of the Sophienkirche is 50 years old. Since its construction in the baroque case of the previous organ, it offers a special platform for new organ music of the 20th and 21st century.


Sofia Gubaidulina (*1931): Hell und Dunkel (1976)
Akira Nishimura (*1953): Meditation of Vishnu (1985)
Yui Kakinuma (*1961): Lotus (2007)
Arvo Pärt (*1935): Pari Intervallo (1980)
Henri Pousseur (1929-2009): Ombres Enlacees (1999)
Maki Ishii (1936-2003): Lost Sounds II (1978)
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750): "Erbarm dich mein, o Herre Gott" BWV 721
Hyun-Hwa Cho (*1977): Neues Werk (2020 UA)

With Kensuke Ohira at the organ

The composition contracts for the Schuke organ are made possible by the generous support of the Musikfonds e.V. We would also like to thank the Evangelischer Kirchenkreis Berlin Stadtmitte, the Förderverein Sophienkirche e.V. and the Kultur Büro Elisabeth for their support of our concert series.

Tickets: 10/ reduced 5 €

Reduced price for students upon presentation of proof of attendance.
Tickets at the box office 30 minutes before the concert begins - no advance booking.
"Musik in der Sophienkirche" is a series of events organized by the Ev. Kirchengemeinde am Weinberg in cooperation with Berit Kramer Kulturmanagement and the Kultur Büro Elisabeth
Artistic direction and organization: Maximilian Schnaus and Berit Kramer

Photo: Ev. Kirchengemeinde am Weinberg