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Kontraklang: Physical Sounds

Thursday, 2. December 2021

8 pm

St. Elisabeth
Zubin Kanga © Raphael Nael
<p>Under the title Physical Sounds, KONTRAKLANG has invited composer Amir Shpilman and keyboard wizard Zubin Kanga to present a program dedicated to the question of performativity and physicality in contemporary music, approaching the topic from different directions.</p>

Amir Shpilman‘s compositions often feature a strongly pronounced aspect of corporeality, regardless of whether they are large-scale orchestral works in which he makes collective states the subject or whether they are miniatures whose themes revolve around bodily rhythms and emotions. His series of works Situation Objects is exemplary for his connection to the field. At KONTRAKLANG, in addition to the world premiere of Situation Object 4, in which Shpilman can be experienced for the first time ever as a composer-performer, three other pieces of the series will be performed, dealing with birth and physical attraction.

Pianist and composer Zubin Kanga has compiled a series of works from his repertoire that start at the interface of the mediality of instruments and various technical extensions used on the one hand and the physical presence and capabilities of the performer’s body on the other. In the piece you touched the twinkle on the helix of my ear (2018) by the British composer Claudia Molitor, for example, film recordings of the composer’s hand as she notates the piece become a mysterious dance of mutual influence with the music itself.

Program Teil 1:
Amir Shpilman: Situation Object 1 (2014) für Sopran
Amir Shpilman: Situation Object 2 (2017/21)
Amir Shpilman: Situation Object 3, »delivery« (2020) für Sopran
Amir Shpilman: Situation Object 4 (2021, UA) für Performer, Boxsack und Elektronik

Siirje Viise – Stimme und Performance
Marine Madelin – Alt
Enrico Wenzel – Bass
Lena Kilchitskaya, Gabriel Lawton – Tanz
Amir Shpilman – Performance
Johannes Bönig – Choreographie Situation Object 4

--- Pause ---

Programm Teil 2:
Alexander Schubert: WIKI-PIANO.NET (2018)
Zubin Kanga: Steel on Bone (2021)
Simon Steen-Andersen: Pretty Sound (Up and Down) (2008/2021)
Claudia Molitor: You touched the twinkle on the helix of my ear (2018)

Zubin Kanga –  Klavier und Multimedia

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Organizer: Kontraklang in cooperation with Kultur Büro Elisabeth
Supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds & initiative neue musik berlin e.V.

Photo: Zubin Kanga © Raphael Nael