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LUFT | WURZELN 1: Crazy Twins

Sunday, 8. May 2022

19.00 Uhr

Villa Elisabeth

Veranstaltungsreihe mit dem Kairos Quartett | Neue Musik | Kammermusik

© Kairos Quartett (Photo by: Jeremy Knowles)

The title LUFT | WURZELN of the new series of events curated by the Kairos Quartet goes back to the composer Sandeep Bhagwati, who - born in India, raised in Germany and today commuting between Canada, Switzerland and Germany - uses the term Luftwurzeln to describe his understanding of home. As an independent and cosmopolitan as well as internationally active ensemble, the Kairos Quartet identifies with this description and makes the term the program of its concert series for the year 2022.

With the first program of the Crazy Twins series, the Kairos Quartet brings together two conceivably different composers. Bhagwati's pieces follow a more conceptual pattern and are not defined to the last detail. In Bhagwati's nightbirdsong, the listener experiences effects comparable to the multiple exposures of photographs, when the same thought is heard on several instruments in a temporally staggered manner. In his Stele III, dedicated to the American experimentalist James Tenney, a blurring is again created by the parallel violins. In contrast to this is the work of Gabriel Iranyi. With his structural approach, he creates timbres and pitch intervals in his third and fifth string quartets, as well as the parabolas with mezzo-soprano, and scales derived from them, which he uses as loops and accelerates by shortening the elements.


Sandeep Bhagwati [1963] - nightbirdsong [2021].
Gabriel Iranyi [*1946] - String Quartet No. 3 [2008]
Gabriel Iranyi - Two Parables after Franz Kafka - String Quartet No. 2 [1998]
Sandeep Bhagwati - Stele III for James Tenney [2006]
Gabriel Iranyi - String Quartet No. 5 "...gradations, approximations..." [2013]

Kairos Quartet:
Veronika Paleeva and Alicja Pilarczyk, alternating violins.
Simone Heilgendorff, viola
Claudius von Wrochem, violoncello

Caroline Melzer, soprano

Tickets: 15 €/ reduced 10 €
Advance booking via: www.elisabeth.berlin/billetto
Remaining tickets at the box office from 6 pm. Free choice of seats!


Organizer: Kairos Quartett in cooperation with Kultur Büro Elisabeth
Sponsors: NEUSTART KULTUR of the Federal Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the German Music Council and Initiative Neue Musik Berlin

Photo © Kairos Quartett (Photo by: Jeremy Knowles)