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organ concert with Thomas Lacôte, Dominik Susteck und Tobias Tobit Hagedorn

Sunday, 12. November 2023

6 pm


Improvisation for organ and electronics

Thomas Lacôte (organ), Dominik Susteck (organ) and Tobias Tobit Hagedorn (electronics) play works by Hosseini, Susteck and Hagedorn.

For many years, the organ concert series in the Sophienkirche has been especially dedicated to the music of the 20th and 21st centuries. In the monthly organ concert in November, you can experience as a highlight the exciting meeting of several internationally famous composers and organ improvisers. Thomas Lacôte is organist of the famous church Ste. Trinité in Paris and professor at the conservatory there. Dominik Susteck has been responsible for the worldwide unique experimental organ of St. Peter in Cologne for many years, and has gained great fame for his improvisations and compositions. Together with the young composer Tobias Tobit Hagedorn, Susteck presents three new works for organ and electronics, in alternation with Lacôtes' spectral improvisations.

Farhad Ilaghi Hosseini (*1985)
sysThema (2021) for organ and electronics

improvisation for organ and electronics

Tobias Tobit Hagedorn (*1987)
"Memories" for organ and tape (2022)


Dominik Susteck (*1977)
Unsecured territory (2022) for organ and electronics

Tickets: 10 €, reduced 5 €
Reduction for pupils and students on presentation of proof.
Tickets at the box office 30 minutes before the concert begins - no pre-sales.

In the future, a video transmission in the nave of the church will make it possible to experience the fascinating skills of the organists very closely at all organ concerts. "Music in the Sophienkirche" is a series of events organized by Ev. Kirchengemeinde am Weinberg in cooperation with Kultur Büro Elisabeth.

Photo: Dominik Susteck © Michael Muck Kremtz