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Organ expedition: Felix Mendelssohn

Sunday, 24. September 2023

12.15 pm


Organ music | discussion concert | also for children from 6 years old

Foto © Maximilian Schnaus

During the organ expeditions in the Sophienkirche, famous compositions and interesting facts about the history of the organ and its most important protagonists are presented in the form of conversational concerts in an entertaining and vivid way. The organ expeditions are directed to adults and children of school age and older who are interested in music.

It is not unlikely that the young Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, as a student of Carl Friedrich Zelter, knew and played the organ of the Sophienkirche. With the rediscovery of Bach's great works, but also with his own compositions, Mendelssohn helped the organ, which had received little attention as a concert instrument during the classical period, to regain its glory in the 19th century.

State church music director Dr. Gunter Kennel, organ
Maximilian Schnaus, moderation

Free admission, donations are welcome!

Organizer: Ev. Kirchengemeinde am Weinberg in cooperation with the Kultur Büro Elisabeth.

Photo © Maximilian Schnaus