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Pentatonische Permutationen XII - Klanginstallation von Benjamin Heidersberger

Monday, 29. May 2023

8 pm-midnight

St. Elisabeth

sound installation | algorithmic piano music | open church

© Marco Lösekrug

On Whit Monday, the twelfth sequel of Benjamin Heidersberger's sound installation of algorithmic piano music will take place from 8 pm to midnight in the St. Elisabeth Church.

It is a composition that began with the Big Bang 14 billion years ago, continues for another 16 trillion years, and marks each moment of time with a unique sequence of tones. These arise from the
Phase shifting of prime number long pentatonic scales. After the last permutation, the meditative composition will end.

The sound installation can be played from a pocket-sized player or the website https://pentatonic-permutations.de. All players will play the current part of the composition synchronously.

In cooperation with Voxativ Loudspeakers, Berlin.

Free admission.

Organizer: Benjamin Heidersberger in cooperation with Kultur Büro Elisabeth.

Photo © Marco Lösekrug