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Pièces – Pieces

Friday, 29. September 2023 and Saturday, 30. September 2023

8 pm

Villa Elisabeth

Early music | Contemporary dance | Location-specific performance

copyright @ Y. Priss/ D.d’Alia

At the center of the music-dance project "Pièces - Pieces" is the presentation of a repertoire that is extraordinarily rich in sound but at the same time rarely performed: the French solo music of the 17th century for viola da gamba, lute and harpsichord. The aim is to make the richness of this musical genre of the French Baroque, which is almost unknown and rarely performed in Berlin, tangible, corresponding with the expressive possibilities of contemporary dance.

Louis Couperin, the Gaultiers and the mysterious Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe, wrote their pièces out of the need to escape the public sphere and are witnesses of a counterculture to the absolutist staging of the court of Versailles.

In their fragile exclusivity, their music seems to be written for the players alone. Is the most intimate form of music the one that needs no audience?

Pièces-Pieces invites the audience to explore this highly delicate repertoire. Mirrored in movement, the "Pièces" open up their multi-layered dimensions. The dancer and the musicians enter into a physical dialogue that makes their structure, bound to space and movement, visible and emotionally tangible. The audience is invited to discover, with the help of dance, the relationship between inner and outer spaces in the music.

Patrick Sepec, Viola da Gamba (Idee) | Yves Ytier, Tanz und Choreographie | Mira Lange, Cembalo | Thor Harald Johnson, Laute

Tickets: 17 €, reduced 11 € plus fees
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Veranstalter: Patrick Sepec in cooperation with Kultur Büro Elisabeth.
Sponsored by Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und gesellschaftlichen Zusammenhalt.

Photo: copyright @ Y.Priss / D. d'Alia