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KONTRAKLANG - Extended Keys

Sunday, 9. May 2021
St. Elisabeth
<p>In May, KONTRAKLANG will focus on current compositions for keyboard instruments. The Swedish sound artist Åsa Stjerna has been commissioned by KONTRAKLANG to develop a new sound installation dealing with the absence of the organ in the Elisabethkirche. The work will be heard in the church's park, weaving various organ sounds from around the world into a sound texture that blends with the ambient sounds on site. The result is an atmospheric "song" for the destroyed organ that changes continuously over the duration of the installation.</p>

Pianist Marina Khorkova offers a rare listening experience with her Multiphonics piano, which she designed and built herself. The instrument is reduced to its strings, which Khorkova exposes and prepares with a variety of materials, creating a sound rich in color and overtones when played.

The two composer-performers Andrea Neumann and Simon James Phillips have long been influential figures in the Berlin real-time music scene. At KONTRAKLANG they can be heard for the first time as a duo, where Neumann's unique inner piano meets Phillips' versatile playing.

Åsa Stjerna: Site-specific sound installation for Elisabethkirche // Outdoor-Installation (2021, UA)

Marina Khorkova: Drei Miniaturen für Multiphonics-Klavier (2018)
Marina Khorkova – Multiphonics-Klavier
Andrea Neumann & Simon James Phillips: Duo
Andrea Neumann – Innenklavier
Simon James Phillips – Klavier

The sound installation by Åsa Stjerna will be heard on May 9 in the afternoon in the park in front of Elisabethkirche, Invalidenstr. 3.

Marina Khorkova and Andrea Neumann/Simon James Phillips' sets will be recorded at Villa Elisabeth on April 15 and released on Kontraklang's YouTube channel on May 9.

Åsa Stjerna, Marina Khorkova, Andrea Neumann, Simon James Phillips

Organizer: KONTRAKLANG in cooperation with Kultur Büro Elisabeth

Funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds.
More information: www.kontraklang.de