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Presentation Concert of the 2nd International Composers Workshop

Saturday, 22. August 2020

8 pm

Villa Elisabeth
AsianArt Ensemble
<p>The final concert of an international workshop of the AsianArt Ensemble promises to encounter completely new sounds. Over four days, six selected composers will get to know Asian instruments not only technically but also in direct cooperation with the musicians as a sensual sound experience, in order to understand these instruments and their culture as one.</p>

World premieres of
Lukas Grossmann, Reika Hattori, Eochin Lee, Emanuel Reichert-Lübbert, Sharleen Revia
and from the repertoire of Il-Ryun Chung

AsianArt Ensemble:
WU Wei, Sheng 
YOO Hong, Daegeum 
KIKUCHI Naoko, Koto
SUNG Youjin, Gayageum
KIM Jihye, Janggu
Matthias Leupold, Violine
YOO Chang-Yun, Viola
Gabriella Strümpel, Cello
Matthias Bauer, Contrabass
Adam Weisman, Percussion
Il-Ryun Chung, Management

Tickets: 15 €/ reduced 10 € at the box office from 7 pm.

Organzier: AsianArt Ensemble in cooperation with the Isang Yun Haus

Photo: Volker Blumenthaler